Health and Wellness Center 

Waapasaanay Coordinated Services Team

General Information

WCST (Waapasaanay Coordinated Services Team) serves Stockbridge-Munsee youth 0-18 who are involved in 2 or more direct services and show a need for coordination of care.  WCST uses a teaming approach by combining the strengths of natural and professional supports to build family teams.  These family teams will then work together to form their own Plans of Care to meet their self-defined wellness goals.


It is the mission of WCST to provide care that is Trauma Informed, culturally aware, and family centered.   WCST uses an Indigenous approach to wellness, defining it as a balance of Mental, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual health.  WCST works towards the outcomes of Hope, Meaning, Belonging, and Purpose by growing relationships that connect us to identity, community, self, and family.

 Diane Burr

WCST Coordinator

Phone: (715) 793-3007