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The Administrative Team of the Stockbridge-Munsee Health and Wellness Center is comprised of the Director, Assistant Director, Administrative Assistant, Accreditation Coordinator, Business Office Manager and staff, Contract Health Services Manager and staff, Health Records Manager and staff, and Safety Manager and staff.  We are generally the staff working ‘behind the scenes.’


The Health Center has been preparing for accreditation through AAAHC (Association for the Accreditation of Ambulatory Health Care).  While accreditation is not mandatory, the Health Center strives to provide its patients with a consistent higher level of care.


The Business Office staff is responsible for registering patients and obtaining the information needed to send claims to insurance companies or other responsible parties.  We need every single patient’s cooperation to gather this information to ensure compliance with accreditation standards, Indian Health Service (IHS), and federal and state regulations


Contract Health and Tribal Health Fund process the required paperwork needed to pay health care claims for eligible beneficiaries.  We rely on communication with the patients to assist in a timely and smooth transaction.


The Health Records staff ensures that our patient’s health information is stored in a secure and confidential manner.  They also input health information into the computer system to comply with IHS reporting requirements. The Safety/Building staff is responsible for keeping the Health Center a safe and clean place for you to visit.


Our Staff

 Andrew Miller

Health Center Director

Phone: (715) 793-5007

 Melodi Malone

Health Center Assistant Director

Phone: (715) 793-5055

 Liza Duffek

Executive Secretary

Phone: (715) 793-5025​​​​​​​