Health and Wellness Center 


 Automated Refill Request Line | (715) 793-5027

 (If Prescription is out of refills,  please allow 3 business days  for refill request to be completed) 

General Information:

The SMHWC Pharmacy is staffed by qualified pharmacy professionals and provides direct pharmacy services.  The Pharmacy will dispense prescriptions generated from:

    A provider at SMHWC

    An emergency room health provider, if you are a SMHWC patient

    A health care provider as a result of a referred inpatient visit

    Other health care providers to whom a referral had been made.

Other Information:

Our Staff

 Bryan Ridgley

Pharmacy Director
Email: bryan.ridgley

 Cynthia Gourneau


 John Beaudry


 Tabitha Bennish


 Rainer Posselt

Pharmacy Technician 

Email: rainer.posselt

 Carol (CJ) Komanekin

Pharmacy Technician

Email: carol.komanekin  

 Kim Schreiber-Duffek

Pharmacy Technician 
Email: kim. schreiber-duffek

 Quinn Miller

Pharmacy Technician 
Email: quinn.miller